Limited Views: SP/RP, SF Giants (AAA)

Scouting Report Framework

Kraig Sitton
Age: 29.0
Ht: 6'5"
Wt: 190
Pos: LHR

Role: 3

Comments: Tall lefty with a slight build. Works middle of the rubber with a conventional, comfortable delivery from a 3/4 slot. 2SM FB (90-93) worked to both sides of the plate, can elevate as well. CB (79-81) ranges from 11-5 to 12-6 drop and has late action. SL (81-83) has moderate plane/angle. Looks like someone with reverse splits as he doesn't have much breaking away from a LHH. Needs pinpoint command of his glove side to be effective vs LHH. Lack of deception and impact in pitches dilutes the (+) command/control profile. Up/down for a championship pen but has enough command to be a decent enough ML piece for a season.

Sitton Fastball:

Matt Gage
Age: 24.5
Ht: 6'4"
Wt: 240
Pos: LHS

Role: 3

Comments: Matt Gage is a big low 3/4 lefty with a soft contact profile across the board. Moves on the rubber relative to batter handedness. 1B side to RHH and 3B to LHH, which is kinda backwards. Not looking for any angle away from batters, but rather jamming them and generating ground balls. It's a cool approach, but Gage doesn't have the kind of break on his secondaries to finish talented hitters. It's also a part of why Gage has more reverse splits and doesn't profile as a lefty specialist. Works a 2SM (85-90) to both sides of the plate, especcially likes to work into RHH, CB (74-79) is a soft breaking 11/5 shape with almost no finishing movement. SL (84-86) is inconsistent with minimal break, could be a cutter but at the speed it has little impact. Gage's approach is similar to a lefty version of Ryan Merritt, but he doesn't have the pinpoint command or the kind of (+) secondaries to impact major league bats. Role 2 talent but approach makes him useful in an emergency to pick up innings/outs, Role 3.  

D.J. Snelten
Age: 25.1
Ht: 6'7"
Wt: 245
Pos: LHR

Role: 4

Comments: Big, tall LHR with a funky delivery. Snelton sets up on the 3B side of the rubber with a leg lift and direct plant towards home. Doesn't have any sweep or extensions of his leg, just plants with a bent knee and fires away. Arm action is straight armed stab low in the back similar to Alex Wood with a cocked over the shoulder release closer to a JP Howell. It's (+) deception with an OK fastball (89-92 2SM, fair mvmt), a show-me CB (79) and a nice (+) change with strong drop and run to it. Has a place in a ML pen, Role 4.

Tyler Rogers
Age: 26.6
Ht: 6'5"
Wt: 185
Pos: RHR

Role: 4

Comments: True submarine pitcher. Impact of a knuckleballer with unique look and a movement-over-velo approach. Works a 2SM at 84 mph with excellent armside run and natural drop at such slow velocity and with the unconventional arc of a submarine pitch. Also has a flatter changeup at 74 mph and a slider at 75 mph with some flexibility between sharper sweep and bigger tilt/break (see below). Saw + control from Rodgers, enabling these pitches to be tantalizing but just out of reach or just into a batter's hands. Plays so similar to a knuckleballer with the combination of break and control Rodgers has. Think it's close to ML ready, Role 4 long relief. 

Rogers Breaking Ball (More Curvelike):

Rogers Sharper Breaking Ball (More Slider)

Rogers Fastball: