Roberto Gomez: RHP, SF Giants (AAA)

June 30th, 2017. Roberto Gomez came in to relieve Madison Bumgarner after his rehab appearance in AAA Sacramento. Gomez tossed 4 innings of 3-ER ball on 5H, 3BB and 2K.

Scouting Report Framework

Roberto Gomez
Age: 27.11
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 180
Position: RHP
Org/Level: SFG, AAA

Originally signed by the TB Rays in 2010 as a non-drafted free agent at the age of 20 years old. Signed by SF as a minor league free agent on 12/01/17.

Long limbs with some muscle on the lower 1/2. 

Athleticism - Excellent
Very spry and nimble for a 6'5" athlete. Moves more like Marcus Stroman as a defender than someone his own size.

Delivery - Fair                  
Varies between full windup and abbreviates stretch delivery. Works from the 1st base side of the rubber with a high leg lift and stride slightly off the plate with a bit of cross-body finish. Plants on a firm front leg but off-center on his front foot. 1.50 normal, 1.35s from the stretch. Gets to glove side much better with full wind up and more complete lower body rotation to home plate.
Arm Action - Fair
Breaks high near the waist with a short/tight loop to a 3/4 release with moderate effort. 

Deception - Fair
Short arm action but relatively comfortable look for batters            
Pitchability/Feel - Fair
Limited by command and lack of repetoire. FB and Curve are only two true impact pitches and shows more strike/ball control than anything.    

Velo: 94-98, 96 avg.
Movement: 4SM Flat and straight, plays down due to lack of movement. 
Use: Needs to elevate, but struggles to do so. Pulls many FB into the bottom of the zone and often fails to reach the glove side of the zone with regularity. Struggles to put away batters w/ high velo. Straight velocity at the bottom of the zone is a present-day flyball entree to batters. Repeatedly gave up hard contact. 

Present: 45
Future: 50 (plays down from velocity)

Velo: 77-77, 77 avg.
Movement: Sharp 11/5 break with late action
Use: Flicks wrist for strong break best employed low and glove side. Only pitch that suits the bottom of the zone and below given the late breaking action on the pitch.

Present: 50
Future: 50

Velo: 84-86, 85 avg.
Movement: Side-to-side movement with moderate depth
Use: Minimal impact and lack of late movement leads to easy low-ball hitting or takes out of the zone.

Present: 40
Future: 40

Velo: 85-87, 85 avg. 
Movement: Light arm-side run
Use: Inconsistent command of the pitch, occasionally seeing a moderate degree of movement but little control or consistency. 

Present: 35
Future: 35

Mechanical window for decent control is narrow. Seen in his full windup pulling balls glove side and his stretch delivery leaving them arm side. 

Present: 35
Future: 40


Roberto Gomez has a high caliber bullet in his arm but it's coming out of a flare gun. The 27 year old RHS was seen as the first long man out of the bullpen during Madison Bumgarner's rehab start. Gomez flashes the kind of easy velocity that would entice any scout, but his tight release point seems to relate to poor horizontal movement of any kind and the narrow window in his delivery seems to have left Gomez with a lack of consistency in his command of the strike zone.

Ultimately the high velocity appears to be a bit of fools gold and Gomez' bread and butter happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Gomez's straight, deception-less offerings are only truly commanded into the bottom of the zone where today's batters are most prepared to do damage. The result is an organizational arm without enough command to start and without enough impact to relieve. Role 2. 

Role: 2 (Starter)