David Martinez: RHS, Houston Astros (AAA)

July 2nd, 2017. David Martinez made the start against the Sacramento RiverCats (SFG AAA) and tossed 7.1 innings of 2-ER ball on 4H, 3BB and 5K.

Scouting Report Framework

David Martinez
Age: 29.9
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220
Position: RHS
Org/Level: HOU, AAA

Signed by the Astros as an international free agent March 3, 2005. Was signed by Rangers as a milb FA in '15 then the Tigers in '16. Back with Houston in 2017. Made it up to the majors w/ Astros in 2013 and 2014 for brief relief purposes.  

Calm and confident in approach. Seems to have no sweat on results so long as he's throwing strikes.

Strong lower half and torso with skinnier arms. High/broad shoulders.

Athleticism - Fair
Didn't see much but moved fairly well in the field and seemed capable of all plays necessary.

Delivery - Good                  
Easy and Loose. Works 1B side of the rubber with a balanced/quick leg lift and plant directly towards home. Rotates and falls off a bit to 1B in soft finish. 1.6s normally to home. Looks like Christian Bergman with a better arm. Repeats easily.
Arm Action - Excellent
Loose arm swing, low effort and low stress in wide and deep loop to a soft slinglike 3/4 release. Shows in durability and ease to work deep into games.

Deception - Fair
More from approach than physical look. Fairly smooth/comfortable look for batters.
Pitchability/Feel - Fair
Simple and random approach. Has the FB and Slider mostly and will throw them in the zone over and over with varied speeds and breaks.     

Velo: 88-95, 92 avg.

Movement: 2SM with soft run and 4SM with some cut

David Martinez Fastball

Use: Command and speed variation plays this fastball up. 88-95 is no typical fastball as Martinez can vary between an 88-92 range comfortably and reach back for 94/95 with some regularity. Elevates well and plays high fastball off the lower breaking pitches. Has that downhill plane when he needs to work the FB low too. 

Present: 60
Future: 60

Velo: 78-80, 80 avg.

Movement: Slurvey 11/5 - 10/4 shape with occasional late drop. Softer in break.

Use: Used as more of a show-me pitch to change speeds and establish something soft and in the zone. Commanded best low and glove side. 

Present: 40
Future: 40

Velo: 85-89, 86 avg.

Movement: Similar 11/5 slurvey tilt and angle as the CB. Could be the same pitch but the two are thrown with some separation.

Use: Works well at the bottom of the zone and prefers to establish on the arm side of the plate, especially into the edge of the zone vs. LHH. 

Present: 45
Future: 45

Velo: 83-83, 83 avg. 

Movement: Light arm-side run and drop

David Martinez Changeup

Use: Rarely employed, might be a new pitch or one he hasn't had much feel for. But has potential to be useable with the downhill plane he can work from. 

Present: 40
Future: 45

Fastball over everything, but that's really all Martinez needs to be effective. Can be forced into longer Abs by more talented hitters, leading to a few more walks than control would indicated. Maintains control and command deep into game, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100 pitch marks all had the same stuff.

Present: 55
Future: 55


David Martinez is 29 years old and is getting to be a primarily starting pitcher for the first time since 2013. Martinez reminds me so thoroughly of Christian Bergman in arm action, delivery and approach only Martinez has a better arm to boot. With a loose and easy slinglike release, Martinez pounds the strike zone with a fastball he varies greatly. With an 88-95 mph fastball worked above, into and below the zone with regularity, Martinez can mix in a mediocre secondary repetoire to keep batters honest. Martinez works quickly and maintains his stuff deep into games.

It's an unexciting role, but Martinez projects to be the kind of durable long-relief or spot starting arm that every team would love to have. I see Martinez as a Role 3 but in the greatest sense of a starter/long man who is absolutely MLB-ready. The lack of true swing/miss in his profile is part of what tempers my expectation of any true staying power, but especially against an aggressive lineup, Martinez can collect outs with ease.

Role: 3 (Starter/Long Reliever)
ETA: 2017