Limited Views: SP/RP, Oakland A's (Hi-A)

Scouting Report Framework

Matt Sergey
Age: 26.9
Ht: 6'4"
Wt: 220
Pos: RHR

Role: 3

Comments: Not sure why he's in Hi-A. Might be there to spell the 8-man rotation system and eat innings. Actually like the deception and 2SM/4SM/SL approach. FB's 92-94, showed good control. Was an UDFA and is much older for the level, but think he's actually a decent fireman. Tips his breaking ball with an extra dip in his body during delivery, but has swing/miss stuff. Could see an up/down relief profile.

Nolan Blackwood
Age: 22.1
Ht: 6'5"
Wt: 175
Pos: RHR

Role: 2

Comments:True sidearm almost submarine pitcher. Quick and sudden delivery with a low leg lift and quick slinglike release. Works 3B side with strong-running 2SM 88-90 and a sweeping CB 74-79. Struggles to get FB glove-side. Might have a CHG too at 84, but it didn't have the kind of movement the 2SM had. Don't see enough control/command for ML pen value.

Evan Manarino
Age: 24.5
Ht: 6'0"
Wt: 206
Pos: LHS

Role: 2

Comments: LHS working mid rubber with Hi-3/4 slot. Tight short-armed swing within rhythmic, easy delivery. Soft stuff. FB 86-88 with gravity helping the sink, CB around 78 with a variety of shape. Bigger impact and break down in the zone. Lack of other weapons allows batters to sit CB and adjust to the FB. Such minimal impact and command of FB, would get destroyed at higher levels. Leans on CB now, but won't have the same crutch as bats get more advanced.

Angel Duno
Age: 23.4
Ht: 5'10"
Wt: 200
Pos: RHS

Role: 2

Comments: Stout, thick torso'd RH with deception in delivery. Big shoulder turn and keeps ball back during wind and though most of delivery. Looks to have a 2SM 86-88 and 4SM at 90. Might be a changeup that's just close in velo though. Has a fairly straight with moderate break SL 82-85. Gets by on deception to most RH bats and is tough to pick up, but doesn't have enough stuff or variety to maintain any dominance. Will be difficult for him as batters get more advanced.