Logan Shore: RHP, Oakland A's (Hi-A)

April 8th, 2017. Logan Shore made his first start of the season vs Rancho Cucamonga on a cold night in Stockton. He went 4.0 IP giving up 1 ER on 4 H with 1 BB and 5K.

Scouting Report Framework

Logan Shore
Age: 22.3
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215
Position: RHP
Org/Level: OAK, Hi-A

Shore calles Minnesota home. Originally was drafted in 29th round of 2013 draft by local Twins, but went to UF. Friday night starter there over still-current teammate AJ Puk. The two were recruited together from cold weather states. Drafted by A's in 2nd round, 47th overall, in 2016 draft.

Similar approach to D. Jefferies. Aggressive strike-thrower. Trusts his pitches in the zone.

Sloping shoulders, even/strong frame. Bigger than someone like Jefferies. 

Athleticism - Good
Didn't see tested much in the field, but seems to have good body control, though not the most spry in actions.

Delivery - Good
Eerily similar to Mitch White in both setup and delivery. Semi-stretch only delivery. Sets up mid-rubber with a quick leg lift and straight/moderate length stride to home. Plants and balances on straight front leg at finish. Repeats very well and has more natural body control than someone like White, sequence in delivery is natural and acceleration through release is smooth.                                  
Arm Action - Good
Also close to White's arm action. Quick loop/arm swing though even tighter radius than White. Minimal snap/jerk. Has tightened and raised his arm swing relative to his arm action in college.

Deception - Fair
Nothing atypical in terms of looks from the box. Does have an accelerated delivery and doesn't show the ball too much, but it does flash in the back.

Pitchability/Feel - Excellent
Works his FB all over the zone, primarily an inside/outside approach. Works CHG low/away to RHH and inside to LHH. Mixes in sliders for a different look and to threaten outside the zone. Stubborn and consistent approach that will generate either soft contact or Ks depending on the finishing pitch. Leaves few opportunities for hitters.

Velo: 92-94, 94 Avg

Movement: Excellent 2SM run, sharp and consistent. Can work the movement equally armside and gloveside which is rare.

Use: Works to edge of the plate glove side vs RHH, different kind of look than they're used to. Pounds inside, same part of the plate to LHH. Establishes the glove side and works arm side in off of that. 

Present: 60
Future: 60

Velo: 84-86, 85 avg

Movement: Consistent sweeping shape with late further cutting action. Break continues beyond expectation.

Use: Only pitch really worked outside the zone on the horizontal edges. Shows as a threat but mostly sticks to FB/CHG as attack-mode pitches. Doesn't have the same capacity to work all over the zone.

Present: 45
Future: 50

Velo: 81-87, 82 avg

Movement: Consistent avg run and drop and occasionally floats more when worked arm side. Sharpest low/glove side. 

Use: True value of the pitch is in command, not pure movement. Shore is able to throw the CHG with confidence and armspeed straight into the zone, below the zone, and glove-side for swing/miss and putouts. Loves to work glove side both to LH and RHH. Preferred pitch when faced with power hitters. Initially threw it harder (86/87), but settled around 82 and with the 10-12 mph difference from the FB, it's a tough adjustment for hitters

Present: 55
Future: 60

Similar control and strike-throwing prowess to teammate D. Jefferies. Shore could throw 90% fastballs and remain effective with his ability to pound both sides of the plate. Has excellent feel for CHG as well working the sides and bottom of the zone. Would like to see a bit more of a capacity to elevate his FB or work his SL in the zone more before putting a 70 on the control, but it's well abv avg.

Present: 60
Future: 65


Logan Shore is the 3rd college pitcher taken by the A's in the 2016 Draft. A college teammate of their 1st pick, AJ Puk, Shore presents a more polished profile that's closer to big league ready than Puk. Similar to teammate D. Jefferies, Shore lives in the strike zone and has exceptional control. Shore works off of an inside/outside approach with his FB and CHG to RH and LHH. The CHG is really his put away, swing/miss pitch that he will use primarily low and glove-side to hitters. In the only jam Shore saw, 2 runners on, 0 out, facing a LHH, he simply pounded the inner 1/3 with fastballs until the batter grounded out. Never went out of the zone regardless of situation and trusted his own command. The SL has a nice sweeping shape but doesn't fit in with Shore's command-in-zone-based approach, so it's used to threaten out of the zone and occasionally steal strikes. Ultimately, Shore profiles as a very durable and consistent 3rd/4th starter with excellent command of a ML avg repetoire. Role 5. 

Role: 5 (Starter)
ETA: 2018