Limited Views: Position Players, SF Giants (Hi-A)

Scouting Report Framework

Jalen Miller
Age: 20.5
Ht: 5'11"
Wt: 190
Pos: SS

Role: 3

Comments: Quick and spry athlete at SS position. Has simple, compact swing with quick hands but zero power behind them. Slap hitter who rarely gets close to the warning track even on the best contact. Might be the least raw power I've ever seen. Shows quick and athletic actions in the field with a 60 Glove and 60 arm (more quick release than arm strength). Fits in as a future Charlie Culberson/Ehire Adrianza type but with an even lighter bat that struggles to generate doubles power, hard to see ML profile. Up/Down emergency SS type.

Dillon Dobson
Age: 22.9
Ht: 6'2"
Wt: 220
Pos: RF/1B

Role: 2

Comments: Dobson had the game of his life during my look, hitting 3 HRs to each of the 3 parts of the outfield. Dobson, however, has a flat and long swing that rarely makes good contact in the zone. Shows late reactions in the OF and a below average arm. Poor range and baserunning to boot. Value is entirely coming from the power in his bat, about 50 Raw but 50 game power as well as his swing gets a lot of backspin when he makes the right contact. Hard to see enough contact or defensive ability to sniff a role in the Majors. 

Jonah Arenado
Age: 22.3
Ht: 6'4"
Wt: 230
Pos: 3B/1B

Role: 2

Comments: Jonah makes it difficult to avoid comparing him to his brother when he has modeled his entire game after Nolan. Arenado has a similar antsyness in the box and a similar confidence in the field, but less ability in both regions. Struggles to cover the inner or upper 1/3 of the zone and falls into habits of selling out for flyballs even when the pitch and location don't suit it. Plays a poor 1B and a mediocre 3B. Does not have the instincts or reactions of a skilled infielder though he has a good arm. Not enough of a bat to justify such poor defense on a future ML roster.

Ryan Howard
Age: 22.10
Ht: 6'2"
Wt: 195
Pos: 3B

Role: 3

Comments: Undersized, stout frame with a slower bat but a nice eye at the plate. Adjusts to breaking pitches and offspeed well, but in order to pull the ball he needs to get started early. Long swing holds him back as he shows stiff hips and needs to drag the bat into the zone w/ his upper half. Open stance at set and finish also elongate the swing. In the field he's capable at 3B showing a 50 arm and glove. Reasonably quick, 4.20 to 1B timed. Solid player, but not enough defensive versatility to stick on an ML Roster with a contact-heavy, light-power bat.