Matt Krook: LHP, SF Giants (HI-A)

April 30th, 2017. Matt Krook made the start against the Stockton Ports (OAK Hi-A) and tossed 3 innings of 1-ER ball on 3H, 4BB and 4K.

Scouting Report Framework

Matt Krook
Age: 22.6
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225
Position: LHP
Org/Level: SFG, Hi-A

Former Supplemental (35th overall) pick in the 2013 draft by the Miami Marlins. Krook failed his physical and the Marlins voided their agreed upon contract, leading Krook to honor his commitment to the University of Oregon. Had Tommy John surgery in college, missing his sophomore year entirely. Formerly was a power, high maintenance arm touching mid-upper 90s. Selected by the SF Giants in the 4th round of the 2016 draft. Relative to college video, his release point used to be higher and his arm action was tighter.

Some lack of confidence in approach and stuff dating back to his junior year at Oregon. Has struggled to throw strikes, especially at the onset of games. 

Long legs and a flatter chest and torso. Some shoulders, still has some room for strength in future.

Athleticism - Good

Delivery - Fair                  
Works from the 3B side of the rubber. Sweeps front leg and plants foot early. Finishes on front foot with a crossfire look. Doesn't rotate front foot, but rather finishes with twisted leg/knee on front leg. Where and when his front foot comes down is inconsistent. 
Arm Action - Good
Quick loop to sling-like release from low 3/4 slot. Keeps arm loose throughout.

Deception - Fair
Shows a bit in the back and has slower, methodical delivery, cross-fire isn't so extreme as to present an unusual look.                                         
Pitchability/Feel - Good
Simple when he's able to emphasise the breaking ball and work a ground-ball heavy approach at the bottom of the zone. Plays up in shorter stints.                                        
Velo: 87-91, 90 avg.

Movement: 2SM only with soft armside run. Low plane.

Use: Worked low in the zone regardless of hitter handedness or count. Struggled to find release point and scattered around the outside of the zone as a result. Pulled farther below target into the dirt and had difficulty staying behind the ball to command the arm-side of the zone. Projecting one of: improved command or improved stuff. Krook's history indicates the capacity for both, though I'm not sure they will both come together.

Present: 35
Future: 45

Velo: 79-81, 80 avg.

Movement: Slurvey in shape but has excellent late break. Cuts and drops when commanded lower in the zone, but still cuts worked up higher in the zone.

Use: One-way ticket to the major leagues. This breaking ball is worth the investment. The late and sudden action of the pitch is a constant disruptor to the batter. Shows the capacity to put away RHH with the late break sneaking into the zone for called strikes.Vs LHH, he misses bats and generates soft contact with low/gloveside work. Has better command and control of the pitch than his fastball and will have that much more impact with even an incremental improvement in his fastball.

Present: 60
Future: 65

Velo: 82-83, 83 avg. 

Movement: Minimal drop and minimal run. Floater.

Use: Very low-impact pitch. Doesn't show any sort of different look or have any use above that of his breaking ball. 

Present: 35
Future: 40

Missing the edges of the zone but not catastrophic. Has basic ability to stay near the part of the zone he's working in but seems to never quite execute a fastball into the zone. Believe some of the control issues are embedded in his delivery given the inconsistency in his lower 1/2. I don't think he is truly a 30-control pitcher though. Some of the history of Krook sounds eerily similar to Tyler Matzek. Not a licensed psychoanalyst, but I do believe Krook showed some promise in working through his issues in-game and keeping his pitches competitive. I think he eventually gets to passable, albeit below average, control.

Present: 30
Future: 45

Matt Krook is a young, tall LHS seen in Hi-A San Jose. A top prospect out of high school, Krook needed TJ after his freshman year at University of Oregon. Relative to notes and video in past reports, Krook appears to have a looser, lower effort arm swing at a lower slot than he used to be throwing with. Krook shows scattered control near the edges of the zone, but really the deception and impact of his breaking ball lead me to think Krook would be an excellent L-on-L reliever with enough use in that breaking ball to backdoor RHH and generate groundballs with a low fastball.

The future of Krook begins and ends with his control and if he can limit his walks and get his pitches in the zone. While I saw some mechanical inconsistency in his lower 1/2, most of the issues seems to be between the ears. I did see a pitcher with enough body awareness to keep his pitches near the zone and competitive. The breaking ball is so cool that even with an incremental improvement in control, I see Krook as a ML-caliber reliever. I think it will take a bit more patience and time, but as Krook gains more repeatability in his delivery, he may even begin to ramp up his stuff a bit closer to the levels it used to be at in the past. I ultimately see Krook as a quality lefty specialist, Role 4.

Role: 4 (Reliever)
ETA: 2020