Caleb Ferguson: LHP, LA Dodgers (Hi-A)

April 7th, 2017. Caleb Ferguson started the first game of a double header on a cold night in Stockton. He went 2 innings, giving up 2ER on 4H with 4BB and 2K. 

Scouting Report Framework

Caleb Ferguson
Age: 20.9
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215
Position: LHP
Org/Level: LAD, Hi-A

Former 2014 38th round pick by the Dodgers out of West Jefferson High in Ohio. Ferguson had Tommy John his senior year of high school prior to getting drafted. 

Hesitant on the mound but shows some fire/anger when he gave up hits  

Stout physique. Fairly thick hips/legs/torso, shorter limbs. 

Athleticism - Fair
Not the most comfortable moving around in the field. Heavy footed.

Delivery - Fair
Works the 1B side of the rubber, takes the ball out late and gets to a 3/4 release just as his foot plants. Feels like release is early and often airmails the ball without full weight behind (technically in front of) his arm.

Arm Action - Good
Wide loop/swing with some snap but repeats with relative ease. Loose arm.

Deception - Poor
Shows the ball in the back early and has a very comfortable/timeable delivery

Pitchability/Feel - Fair
Generally tries to keep everything in the zone and work inside/outside but struggles to get to his glove side. 

Velo: 88-91, 89 avg.

Movement: Nearly all 2SM seen with ML average run

Use: Struggles to get to his glove side, but tries to use 2SM low in the zone and inside to LHH. Stays arm side in general.

Present: 40
Future: 40

Velo: 71-73, 72 avg.

Movement: Has moderate spin but plenty of shape given slower speed. Looks nice but has minimal impact on batters

Use: Most effective early in the count as a show-me pitch. Once batters are in swing mode it has minimal swing/miss capacity. Likes to use more to RHH and will work inside with the pitch. Can see him further refining his feel for the pitch to steal strikes with some regularity. 

Present: 40
Future: 50

Velo: 82-82, 82 avg.

Movement: Minimal movement

Use: Rarely seen but showed minimal movement or confidence in it. Pulled into the ground. Hard to gauge since I didn't see it used much, but didn't look significant in warmups either. Could still be in deveopment, but didn't see flashes of command or impact.

Present: 30
Future: 35

With the exception of his delivery/command issue at one point in the outing, Ferguson showed an excellent ability to repeat his delivery and get all of his pitches near or into the zone with regularity. Seems to have a strike-throwing approach in general, don't see many walks in his future. 

Present: 50
Future: 60

Caleb Ferguson is a minor league innings eater seen in Hi-A. Ferguson has a calm, repeatable and comfortable delivery for both himself and batters in the box. With a short stride and early release, Ferguson's stuff plays down even further with the lack of extension. In addition to this, the nature of Ferguson's release happening simultaneously with his front foot plant lead to many of his pitches ending up high and arm-side.  He does his job well for an org by throwing strikes and working quickly and deep into games, but ultimately I didn't see the kind of impact or command of the zone to enable Ferguson to have any sort of up/down emergency starter role. Role 2, Organizational starter.

Role 2