Day 2 Area Code Notes: BP bits and all 3 games.

It's 12:08 am and I'm evolving. Going to summarize the day's action from the BP I caught and all 3 games of today....

A.J. Miller, 1B: Strong forearms and wrist torque in swing. Selective in cuts. 

Osiris Johnson, INF: Getting more comfortable at producing consistent track-pwr. Choking up on the bat a bit more now.

Christian Almanza, 1B: Rushing his whole BP, wish he'd relax and stop trying to hit the ball as hard as possible. *** Generally the entire OAK team's BP was rushed and panicked.

Bryce Begell, INF: Quick twitch body with quick hands. Uses legs and hips for short/quick spring into the ball. 

Cameron Barstad, C: Busy in the box. Slightly out of sync. Pull HR pwr. Weight comes forward early in his swing, planting on a front leg before hands and shoulders are in launch position. 

Zachary Morgan, C: Full boar swing but has little strength/power behind it. Needs ++ physical projection to make it work. Not sure it's there. Would rather see contact, gap-gap approach w/ what he's currently working with.

Jack Perkins, RHP: Little stab in the back to a compact snappy release. Moves well in the field. FB/CB. Gets swing/miss on only so-so FB, but has shakey feel for CB. Lost vertical command of his pitches in 2nd inning. 

Allante Hall, C: Thin legs, high shoulders. Vocal leader but in a slightly more try-hard kinda way. Might just be who he is, but it doesn't play as well when he's making errors with the glove. Poor receiving and blocking, but selling every action like a star. 

Alek Thomas, OF: No shoulder mobility in arm. Key frustration with an otherwise complete looking player. Why can't he throw???? Almost looks like a pure mechanics issue. At the plate, K'd multiple times taking offspeed pitches. 

Cole Moore, C: Struck out looking on breaking stuff, swing/miss on elevated fastballs too. 2.00s pop time, but like many catchers, showed poor blocking and inconsistent receiving behind the plate. Poor decisions controlling run game too.

Joseph Menefee, LHP: Tight and late-inverted loop. Working 92-94 FB, gets down the mound. Poor control, missing w/ FB by getting too much under the ball and sailing throws. 

Jose Gutierrez, IB: Cheating on FB at 92-94. Struggles w/ that velocity and had to sell out early. Long swing. 4.70s to 1B speed. Rough fielding/glovework. Inflexible and uncoordinated in the field.

Jarred Kelenic, OF: Even muscle on 6'1" frame. 

Connor McCullough, RHP: Thin body. Little/no use of forearm/elbow in actions. Light stuff. 

Chris Weber, LHP: Frustrating lack of confidence in FB, given up for still mediocre CB. Soft offerings and little put into the zone.

Hunter Watson, 3B: Started out early on soft stuff, but dialed it back and drilled a pull-1B down the line.

Hank Jones, C: Compact body, poor blocking/consistency. At plate, swing/miss on low offspeed. Late on FB after that. Looked like he was sitting offspeed and got blown by with a mediocre fastball.

Max Marusak, OF: 3.96 to 1B. Great jumps and baserunning aggression. 

Jack Sigrist, INF: Justin Turner swing without the patience/confidence to stay back on leg that extra split second. Concedes to start swing too early and loses body in front of swing. 

Braxton Ashcraft, RHP: FB/SL/CHG seen. Tough to barrel up. Long limbs and moderate effort delivery. Great command, balance and feel on the mound. Changeup alone makes him a dominant force against these batters.

Wade Beasley, RHP: Extended arm at swing and hi 3/4 release. Soft breaking CB with little shape to it.

Cole Stillwell, C: Liked the defense, but looked out of sorts in the box. Timing off.

Jacob Campbell, C: Small body, gets tight/compact for receiving at the expense of blocking and surety of the glove. ***BROKEN RECORD*** this was many catchers at the event.

Gustaf Radel, RHP: Low setup initially, delivery changes over inning. Started out really unique with a crouch at setup and through entire delivery. After one AB, turned into just a subtle dip in body during motion.

Nolan Gorman, 3B: Quick feet and good range at 3B, 55/60 type arm. Nice play ranging into the hole and making a throw on the run. 

Cole Winn, RHP: Athlete. Long limbs, flexible hips and a long stride. Wide loop in the back to a tight 3/4 release. FB/CB, FB was swing/miss and CB had good spin but less command up in the zone. Corrected self well to keep pitches in the zone.

*** Additional notes to be added, breaking for the evening.