Day 1 Area Code Notes: Game 2

Game 2 on August 6, 2017 at the Long Beach Area Code Games featured the Yankees vs. White Sox.

Bryce Reagan, INF: Nice, easy arm strength in the infield. 

Jeremiah Jackson, INF: Good balance and body control on the move.

Patrick Winkel, C: 1.95s pop time. Showed balance and confidence in receiving throughout. Know the balls to frame and the ones to block or send back to the pitcher. With the bat, got on plane with an elevated FB and drove it to the opposite field for a base hit. 

Noah Naylor, C: 1.85s pop time. Big body that might not trend in a good direction in the future. Already has mass everywhere. Consistent power though. 

Joseph Binelas, INF: Mediocre arm

Cam McMillan, INF: Slick hands and actions in the infield. 

Luke Mann: Has + arm

Borden: Pretty average arm but quick release helps it play up. 

Maximillian Alba, RHP/1B: Tall, long limbed, postured up. Short arm whip and early-cock action. Long stride. Elevates well but had little fastball command. As an INF, Alba's an entirely different kind of athlete. Covers ground and moves with balance and strength. Feel like he could play a corner OF with a good enough arm to pitch and given the way he moves. 

Michael Siani, OF: Ambush, aggressive approach paying dividends. Engaged baserunner and good jump but poor finish, thrown out by 2.2 pop. Seen 4.20s to 1B. Brought consistent effort/hustle, Utley sorta thing. Made an incredible catch in CF with aggressive/confident closing speed. 

Lavigne: Missed a play at 1B, not very engaged/aware.

Zaidi Walker, OF: + Arm, 4.22 to 1B. Eaten up by changeups. 

Joseph Kelenic: Sharp, loud pull hits. Groundballs smoked. 

Tyler Polk, RHP: Slower body with soft stuff. Long arm action. Hard to see projection for growth in velocity given body and delivery. 

Nick Northcut, INF: Multiple web gems seen at 3B. Talented athlete with instincts, glove and arm. 

Kyle Hess, OF: Weird body motion in swing. Comes up out of his crouch in his load, losing any momentum in the process.

Will Dennis, LHP: Broad shoulders with zero torso beneath them. All legs. Hi 3/4 slot with a finish over a firm front leg. Throwing gas w/ FB carrying life through the zone. Floated changeup.